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Get immediate relief. Try our virtual EMDR online therapy tool at home for free. Then, less than $5 a month (billed annually).

EMDR Online

EMDR online at home without a therapist. Start for free.

Annual Plan

$ Less than $5 Monthly
  • Lowest priced EMDR Therapy APP on the market
  • EMDR Audio Bilateral Sound
  • Progress Tracker
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Lifetime Plan

  • Lowest priced EMDR Therapy APP on the market
  • EMDR Audio Bilateral Sound
  • Progress Tracker
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Virtual EMDR at home is comfortable

Our app is proven to work by people who report massive transformation after using it.

Many prefer to do it at home without a therapist and we provide the solution for this.

It is designed to teach you to do EMDR at home without a therapist. Users report  that their emotional distress decreases from 9 to 4 after the first time and we are very proud of this fact.

So can you do EMDR on yourself? Absolutely with the help of Turbo EMDR.

EMDR eye movement 

Similar to natural therapy. The app activates eye movement functionality to process your memories. We guide you on how to use it from the beginning to the end and how to neutralize negative beliefs and memories with the tool.

Audio bilateral stimulation

Audio bilateral stimulation has been proven to help with the healing progress, which is why we have it. Please use headphones when you run it.

Track your progress

Track your progress in the app and follow how your emotional distress improves over time.

Many reports went from 9 to 4 after the first try. 


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Our Virtual EMDR app, Turbo EMDR is rated 4.8/5 on Trustpilot

Why do EMDR therapy online?

EMDR online therapy provides a higher level of privacy that cannot be matched. People find it useful that they can concentrate from their home without distractions.

With suitable tools that are proven to help the users. Such as Eye movement and bilateral Stimulation. We guide you on how to do it on your own easily as a complete beginner.​

Want to feel better? Let
Turbo EMDR help you

Childhood Trauma










Feel calmer in 15 min

You only need 15 min to feel better using online EMDR. We guide you how to do it and track your progress. 

Frequently asked questions

How hard is to get started with the Turbo EMDR online app?

Our Virtual EMDR app is quite intuitive. You simply follow the onscreen instructions and you’ll work your way through it without any confusion.

How many sessions of Virtual EMDR do I need to proccess my trauma?

For most people it takes only 4-6 sessions to see drastic changes. That being said for more complex traumas it can take 20-30 or more. We continuously add more methods to help heal on our site, so stay tuned.

Can EMDR ruin me even more?

It might get worse before it get betters. 

Our technology is designed to help fade feelings when it comes to past traumatic experiences.

EMDR Online vs real therapy, which is better?

We believe that many individuals report higher success online due to privacy, however we don’t have enough data to determine which is better or give exact numbers.

Do you have any guarantees?

Yes, we only want your money if you get results. We are proud of our product. 

We have a 30 day money back guarantee for all our plans.

Can I share my account?

Your account is individual and belongs only to you. You can´t share it with others