Emdr therapy online in Paris how I do it remotely? 

Many will prefer to do EMDR remotely in Paris rather than do it physically.

The benefits for doing remotely emdr therapy are huge: More privacy, lower price and more comfort.

But how I Find emdr therapists in Paris? How I really make a progress and make my life good with the EMDR?

You need to find good therapists in paris.

There are many EMDR therapists in Paris that specalize in EMDR and are there to help you.

They can teach you to do EMDR online or on a visit.

You can either visit therapist in Paris on ther home or request to do it online using TurboEMDR or other site that provide the technology.

Emdr therapists in Paris list

  1. Cynthia NABET : Hypnothérapeute & EMDR

Address: 86 Av. de Wagram, 75017 Paris, France

Phone+33 1 86 96 92 98

2. Esther Fuks Psychologue EMDR

Address: 74 Rue de Seine, 75006 Paris, France

These 2 rank highest in google.

You can also do Emdr online in Paris without a therapist and saved costs using TurboEMDR. Always remember that.

The benefits of doing it online are huge.

Phone+33 1 43 26 56 84

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