Can I do Emdr Virtually in Tokyo ?

Many peope who experience bad things in their life now choose to do EMDR. Tokyo is an asian place that attract many tourists, the anime country.

but do they EMDR therapists therapists In japan? Or maybe i just skip them and do it virtually on myself?

There are many benefits of doing Emdr Virtually to save money and to add privacy.

But how I Find emdr therapists in Goa and save my money?

You either can find therapists online or do it with them, find Therapists in Japan and do it physically or do Virtual EMDR alone from home.

Some of the Tokyo emdr therpaists we found:

Tokyo Mental Health Shintomi Therapy Office (Website)

Adress.: Japan, 〒104-0041 Tokyo, Chuo City, Shintomi, 2 Chome−4−6 Urbane Mitsui Building 6F

Sky Counseling & Consultation Tokyo (Website)

Adress : Japan, 〒152-0001 Tokyo, Meguro City, Chuocho, 2 Chome−30−11 学芸大KYハイツ

These 2 rank highest in google.

You can also do Virtual Emdr in Tokyo Using TurboeMDR is free and more helpful for many people.

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